This company was specifically set up to solve the complicated issue of heating churches. Our mission is to provide the most effective, economical and ecological heating solution for churches and meeting halls while making it affordable even for the smallest community. We have extensive experience in this field and we offer a pew based heating system that we believe is the best possible solution for church heating. We have very enthusiastic references from chapels,churches and cathedrals.

This heated seat set is unique, patented and has been developed by us.


The materials and components we use are high quality, made in the UK and environmentally friendly. For more information please contact us through the CONTACT US section. The professionalism (up to MSc level - High Voltage Power) and competence of our team and subcontractors (NICEIC- or NAPIT Approved Contractor) guarantee the highest standard of service.

Registered Office:


 KovoSchmidt Ltd

20-22 Wenlock Road 


N1 7GU

United Kingdom



0208 930 3311


Registered in England No: 7396982