This innovative and unique pew heating system utilizes expensive heating more effectively than other available systems.

The electrical heating element is fixed to the seating surface of the pew and comes with a range of coloured covers to coordinate with the colour scheme in the church. The pew immediately begins to feel warm after the heating appliance is switched on.

The big advantage of this system is that the heating element is not a resistant spiral wire woven into textile fabric as is the case of the classic pew cushions. Instead the heating element has a special layer which is conductive over the whole layer and this means the heat is even.

The life time of such a system is practically unlimited. The pews are divided into sections and it is also possible to switch them on separately when required. The output can be controlled by the thermo regulator to adjust the desired temperature of the seats.

It is also possible to implement the same heating system in areas such as seats for younger children, acolytes or altar servers, the choir, the organ seat, the sacristy, the pulpit or even a particular section of the floor in front of the altar.

Extensive and detailed tests have confirmed that the system provides enough warmth for the people sitting in the pews. The heated seats replace the body heat which is lost in a cold environment. This system is the most effective method of church heating since the churchgoers are heated not the air.

Also, we can offer different heating solutions for no pew areas.